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Welcome to my world.

This website is a forum for my broadcast thoughts and ideas. I hope you will find them interesting and thought provoking. That's what commentaries are all about. I strive to put common sense into an uncommon world, as I see it.

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H.G. Listiak - on your radio since the 1970s. In our hearts forever.

Sadly for all of us who had the opportunity to know H.G. through the airwaves or in his personal life, H.G. passed away on 4/27/2004.
Many thanks to all who have sent emails to express sympathy and offer memories of H.G. and to those of you who have continued to visit H.G.'s World to read his commentaries and look at his pictures. It is heartwarming to know that he touched so many lives in so many ways.
H.G.'s commentaries will always be available to give you a little reminder of his unique wit and wisdom, and we will continue to update the site with H.G.'s pictures as we find them. If you have pictures, thoughts, or memories of H.G. that you would like to share with everyone, please email them to us and we will publish them on the Pictures & Memories pages.

For a look into H.G.'s fascinating life as told by long time radio partner and friend Stu Evans, read about the memorial for H.G. presented by KMLE 108. H.G. Memorial 5/1/2004

Newsman, traffic-teller and commentator, HG's writing genius and unique style made him one of Arizona's most respected personalities.

 ... Barbara Maack - H.G.'s induction into the House of Broadcasting Museum in 2005
If you lived in Arizona anytime since the 1970s you probably know the name H.G. Listiak. His distinctive voice and unique way of expressing himself made everything he did on the radio memorable, whether it was sports, news, traffic, or commentaries. KMLE 108 began airing his commentaries on his view of the human condition in 2001. His observations are timeless. They are just as relevant today as when he wrote them. For a look into the mind of H.G. read some of the commentaries that were broadcast on KMLE on the Commentaries Page.

Added 4/27/2006 - Click here and H.G. rides again on your speakers!  
Remember that voice? There's just no mistaking it. Wouldn't it be nice to hear the voice of the guy that brought you home from work safely every night and gave you something to think about and something to laugh about at the same time? Check out the Voice Clips on the Pictures and Memories page.

Added 4/27/2007
Voice Clips
Hear some of H.G.'s ever popular Love in the new Millenium bits of Wit and Wisdom.

What was H.G. planning to air on 4/27/2004?
H.G. was always prepared, never late. When he went to the radio station on Monday, 4/26/2004, he already had the commentary for Tuesday typed up and ready to air. Even though it has been 3 years, the subject H.G. planned to talk about is still a hot topic here in Arizona and across the country. To commemorate the 3 year anniversary of his passing, we will print the commentary you should have heard on Tuesday 4/27/2004.
Click here to read H.G.'s 4/27/2004 Commentary.

Added 4/27/2008 - See the world through H.G.'s eyes.
A note from Stu Evans:
April 27th, 2004 was a dark day for so many of us who knew and loved HG Listiak. I was proud to call him my show partner, and then my dear friend. We worked together on KMLE Country 108 every weekday afternoon for 15 years. In the last five years of our relationship, we had some particularly amazing interactions, many of them off the air. HG "let me in" as a real friend and confidant. As I often remind our citizens of the KMLEnation, when you listened to HG for even a few weeks, you knew him very well. He was a very candid, even blunt, personality. You can read and listen to some of that honesty on this web site. But, HG was also a very complicated guy - a true renaissance man. He brought his samurai swords to work one day. He was an expert with a .44 Magnum as well as a rod and reel. He loved to tell stories about his family, children, and then grandchildren. He especially cherished some time behind the lens of a camera. Photography was a huge part of HG's life. He took lots of aerial photos during his military service. And toward the end of his life, he concentrated on the art of photography - nature, portraits, and even some abstract work.

HG's beloved Diane (Lady Di we called her) recently reminded me that HG left a treasure box of photos, most of which have never been seen. She asked if I thought others might enjoy this side of HG's world. I told her what I'm telling you now. I think you will not only enjoy these pictures; I believe you'll get to know our friend much better than we could possibly convey in words or sound. Enjoy, and please, help spread the word about www.hgsworld.com.

Warmest regards,

"Big Shoe" Stu Evans

Click here to get a glimpse into the world through H.G.'s eyes.

Added 4/27/2009 - What would H.G. say about the world today?
It has been 5 long years since we have all seen H.G. and heard his day to day opinions of the state of the country and the world. His commentaries came to life every morning on our patio with coffee, cigarette, and paper in hand, writing madly to get his thoughts down about one newspaper article or another. He had an opinion about everything and no politician was safe from his scrutiny. I never needed to watch the news to know what was going on in politics and the world. So with this last election and the changes we have seen with the new administration, I really missed having one of the best political analysts around, reading his copy to me over morning coffee.
Then last week as I was trying to think of something new to add to H.G.'s website this April, it suddenly came to me. Something H.G. had read to me once seemed like he knew exactly what was going on now. The odd thing is when I looked at it again, first I couldn't figure out when it was written and then I couldn't believe when it was written.

What would H.G. have to say about the government today? Click here to find out.

What's your H.G. story?
Without exception, everybody who has ever known H.G. has a great story or words of wisdom they remember years later.

Added 4/27/2010 - This year we have a great story from Steve Wood one of H.G.'s closest friends and colleagues, going all the way back to the KOY days. It'll make you smile. It'll make you gasp. It'll make you say "That's so H.G."
Read this great H.G. story by long time friend Steve Wood

Added 04/27/2011 - Here's a uniquely H.G. story from the person who without a doubt spent the most time working with H.G., long time friend and co-worker at KMLE, Stu Evans.
Don't mess with my cred - by Stu Evans

Added 4/27/2012 - H.G.'s Photography
H.G. had a fondness for all animals, but as you might guess, as far as pets go H.G. was strictly a dog person, no cats allowed. So it might surprise you to know that H.G. grew to love our little black cat, who he named KJ. He called her his faithful hunting cat because no matter how early he got up for work or golf, she would get up and sit beside him out on the poison porch, eyes blinking, for the first smoke and cup of coffee. Sadly our beloved KJ died this month, 4/4/2012, at the age of 18. But while H.G. was here he took countless pictures of her, some that look just like she's posing for him. So here for your enjoyment is another side to H.G.'s photography talent, a tribute to our beloved KJ the cat.
Lady D
Animal Portraits by H.G. Listiak

Added 4/27/2013 - What was H.G. planning to air on 4/28/2004?
H.G. was always prepared, never late. When he went to the radio station on Monday, 4/26/2004, he already had one or two commentaries typed up and ready to air. We published his Tuesday, 4/27/2004 commentary in 2007. Here is the commentary you would have heard on Wednesday, 4/28/2004.
Click here to read H.G.'s 4/28/2004 Commentary.

Added 4/27/2014 - H.G. story from Eric Schecter
Here's a great H.G. story from Eric Schecter, from the earliest days of KMLE when Eric was the station engineer and H.G. and Stu were broadcasting from 7th Street and Missouri.
Exciting Times - by Eric Schecter

And there's more! Thanks to a listener, Eric, and Stu Evans, here's a glimpse into the past. A long lost letter from a young H.G. Listiak ready to break into Phoenix radio.
Click here to see the letter from H.G.

Added 4/27/2015 - H.G. - Limerick Writer
Living with H.G. was like having my own private comedy show running 24 hours a day. There were rarely times when I wasn't laughing about something he said or did. He's famous for his tongue-twisting traffic report introductions, but here's a little glimpse at another one of H.G.'s talents, rarely if ever heard on the air. - Lady D
Click here to see a limerick from H.G.

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